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 Our Vision

Now, more than ever, Atlanta needs a courageous, visionary mayor who can strengthen, unite, and improve the city for everyone.

We believe that Andre Dickens is the leader Atlanta needs. One who is committed to fairness, access, equity, and opportunity for all. Andre Dickens is truly MADE FOR ATLANTA.

Image by Ronny Sison

The Mission

Atlanta is amazing and needs a visionary, courageous, committed and caring mayor who is MADE FOR ATLANTA.  One who knows how to work with private enterprise, empower entrepreneurs, enhance education, foster equity, amplify the creative class, and improve Atlanta for each and every citizen.


Atlanta needs a mayor who’s Down with ‘Old Atlanta,’ Up on ‘New Atlanta,’ and represents everything that’s ‘True Atlanta’! There’s only one candidate who is really MADE FOR ATLANTA and you have the power to make him Atlanta’s next mayor!


So, if you believe ATL should work for ALL, and you deserve a mayor who wants to inspire and elevate every citizen and sector of the city, now is the time to bring new meaning, direction, and purpose to the lives of all Atlantans.


Join the MADE FOR ATLANTA movement and take the future of Atlanta and the mayor’s race into your hands today.

Image by Jeffery Erhunse
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